Automated Data Backup

  • What is the Automated Data Backup (ADB) system?

The Automated Data Backup system is networked backup solution for designated faculty and full-time staff that will backup all data on their computer daily basis to secure and redundant storage for disaster recovery purposes.

  • How do I request access to the Automated Data Backup system?

Designated faculty and staff will be assisted by IT User Support with configuring the backup system on their university-provided computer. Typically this will be done on the first day of work, when IT provides the employee his or her computer. The employee must sign an authorization form detailing the functions of the backup system and responsibilities of the user when agreeing to use it. If you have not done so, you can obtain a copy of the ADB Backup Form here.

  • When are my files backed up?

The Automated Data Backup system will attempt to backup all files on designated users’ computers between 12:00PM and 2:00PM local time every day (including weekends). If you are not inside the university campus, you will need your computer to be connect to the AnyConnect VPN system so the backup server can connect to the computer.

  • How do I request retrieval of files from the Automated Data Backup system?

To request the retrieval of files from the Automated Data Backup system, you will need to fill out the ADB Restore Form. The backup system is for disaster recovery purposes only. Therefore IT reserves the right to refuse retrieval of files for user error and other reasons not related to hardware failure, software failure, theft, or loss.

  • What files can you retrieve from the Automated Data Backup system?

Only the files in your user profile will be backed up. Typically, this is everything on your Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Pictures, and Videos. Additional folders are included, but the scope of the user profile is dependent on which operating system in use. An IT technician will explain which files are included when configuring your university-provided computer and signing the authorization form. If you are still unsure, please create a ticket with the ticketing system.

  • I have files on my computer that are personal in nature and I do not want them backed up. How do I exempt them from backup?

You must put your files in a folder outside your user profile in order for them to be out of the scope of the backup system. This ought to be done with the assistance of an IT technician when configuring the backup system on your computer for the first time. If you are unsure how to do this or uncertain it was done during the initial setup, open a ticket with the ticketing system and an IT technician will assist you.

  • I do not think the backup system is working or I have another question about the backup system. What do I do?

OIT User Support staff can verify the backup system is running and check the validity of your backups. Open a ticket in GU-Q Helpcenter and one of the IT User Support team will assist you.