Benq Smart Board


The Smartboard works with 2 operating systems, Android and Windows.

It supports screen mirroring via Plug and play Instashare button, via Instashare2 app (required to be installed on your device), or direct USB-C and HDMI cable connection.

You can control the Smartboard from the touch screen or with keyboard and mouse.

Touch screen on the smartboard can operate your connected devices.

It supports direct play from external storage devices connected to the front USB and USB-C ports, or from internal storage.

Zoom meetings integration with both platforms Android and Windows.

Annotation app and Chrome browser are installed to the Smartboard with easy access from the home screen.

Multiple devices can be connected at the same time to the display.

Built in speakers, camera and microphone.

Internet access from Instashare2 app.


Instashare button

  • 2 Instashare buttons will be available together with the dock.

Smart remote control


Keyboard and mouse


Interactive Touch Pen

Android Home page

  • From the Home screen you can access the applications such as Zoom, Annotation, File manager, Screen share/mirroring and Chrome browser.
  • On the top right corner, 3 additional tools are located: Stopwatch, Calculator and Timer.

Annotation tool

Annotation tool icon is present on the screen at all time, on top of any application you use and available on both operation systems Android and Windows.

This tool has options such as annotation on top of any screen or image, erase, highlight, save file and record the screen.

You can move this icon to any area of the screen, hold your finger or pen on the icon and drag it.

To expand the tool, just tap on the icon.

To close/minimize the tool, tap once in the center.