Managed Print Service (MPS)

All active GU-Q students, faculty, staff, and affiliates are eligible to use the Managed Print Service (MPS) at Georgetown. GU-Q uses a print service called PaperCut, which allows you to print documents securely from your desktop or laptop computer, as well as from your iOS or Android mobile device.

1. Exposure glass cover – Place originals facedown here.
2. Control Panel
3. Internal tray – Copied/printed paper is delivered here.
4. Paper trays 1, 2, 3, 4 – Load A4 & A3 paper here.
5. Bypass tray – Use the tray to copy or print on OCHP transparencies, adhesive labels, and paper that cannot be loaded in the paper trays.
6. Media slots – Insert an SD card or USB flash memory device.
7. NFC – Scan your ID card to log in to the printer.
8. Stapler module


GU-Q uses PaperCut as the managed print service software and multifunction Nashuatec printers. Printing a document using the managed print service involves a couple of steps:

First, you need to setup printers (print queues) on your devices.

Faculty and Staff GU-Q computers are setup with the printers (print queues) as their computers are issued by GU-Q IT.

Students and employees with personal devices, such as laptops and Smartphones need to be setup with the printers (print queues).

Second, you send your document to one of the print queues (GUQ-Print-BW and GUQ-Print-CL); the queues are the same across the university, and it’s where all print jobs will be stored.

Third, once you send your document to the print queue, you print (“release”) your document from any of the printers across the campus.

Note: You will have up to 24 hours to print your document after you send it to the queue; after this time period, your document will be removed from the queue. If your document is removed from the queue, just resend the document to the queue.

Printer Model



IMC 5500 LG36 – Boss Office
IMC 5500 LA07 – FM supplies area
IMC 5500 LE09 – IT Support Office

Ground Floor

IMC 5500 0F29 – Dean’s Suite workroom


IMC 5500 0A36 – CIRS Office


IMC 5500 0F04 – Admission work area
IMC 5500 0D48 – Faculty work area


IMC 5500 0D20 – Faculty work area
IMC 5500 0D64 – Communication Office
IMC 5500 0C21 – Library Red Square
IMC 5500 0B06 – Library print station
IMC 5500 0B22- Library work area
IMC 5500 0A21 – Outreach Office

First Floor

IMC 5500 1C02 – Students lounge
IMC 5500 1D73 – Finance work area


IMC 5500 1A33 – HR Office
IMC 5500 1D49 – Faculty work area
IMC 5500 1D21 – Faculty work area
IMC 5500 1D12 – Academic Affairs files room
IMC 5500 1A17 – EPS Office
IMC 5500 1F07 – Student Affairs pantry
IMC 5500 1G14 – Wellness resting room
IMC 5500 1G39 – OAS workroom
IMC 5500 1B24 – Library print station

Second Floor

IMC 5500 2D53 – Faculty print room
IMC 5500 2D11 – Faculty print room
IMC 5500 2B08 – Library computers room
IMC 6000 2A23 – 2A24/25 corridor, close to IT Office


Questions? Email IT User Support at 

Student Printing

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Faculty and Staff Printing

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