Faculty and Staff Printing, Copying, and Scanning

GU-Q uses PaperCut as the managed print service software and multifunction Nashuatec printers. 

You can print a document from your desktop or laptop computer, as well as from your tablet or mobile device. You can print to any printer across campus that is part of the print network. You can also print a document via email, as well as scan your document to your email, Box account, or Google Drive.

Setting up printers (print queues)

  • Windows and Mac
    Faculty and Staff are supplied with GU-Q issued computers which have already been setup with the printers (print queues) by the GU-Q IT team. No further action is required by the faculty and staff to setup printers on their GU-Q issued computers.
  • iOS
  • Android

How to Print

  • Sending your Document to the Print Queue
  • Printing your Document from your Windows or Mac Computer.
    You can print your document from any application that supports print. For example, to print a document in Microsoft Word, you just select File > Print from Word.
  • Printing Your Document from Your Mobile Device.
    You simply use the print function of any app that supports print, and from which you want to print your document.

Releasing Your Print Job

How to Scan

How to Copy