Data Security Best Practices

Physical security:

  • Never leave your computer unattended
  • Always secure your computer and peripherals (USB, external drives…)
  • Never loan your university provided computer to anyone
  • Be careful when sharing storage devices for that they may be infected

Digital security:

  • Follow password management guidelines (link)
  • Always update your Operating System (OS) and software installed
  • Always maintain and update your antivirus installed
  • Backup your data regularly
  • Delete data securely

Secure computing:

  • Avoid using external storage devices as much as possible and rely more on cloud space provided by GUQ (Box, Google Drive…)
  • Avoid going to suspicious/disreputable websites
  • Beware of attachments and links in suspicious emails
  • Always download your applications from known sites and stay away from unfamiliar ones
  • Remove unwanted and unneeded software and applications installed with or without your knowledge.