Data Security Best Practices

Physical security:

  • Never leave your computer unattended
  • Always secure your computer and peripherals (USB, external drives…)
  • Never loan your university provided computer to anyone
  • Be careful when sharing storage devices for that they may be infected

Digital security:

  • Follow password management guidelines (link)
  • Always update your Operating System (OS) and software installed
  • Always maintain and update your antivirus installed
  • Backup your data regularly
  • Delete data securely

Secure computing:

  • Avoid using external storage devices as much as possible and rely more on cloud space provided by GUQ (Box, Google Drive…)
  • Avoid going to suspicious/disreputable websites
  • Beware of attachments and links in suspicious emails
  • Always download your applications from known sites and stay away from unfamiliar ones
  • Remove unwanted and unneeded software and applications installed with or without your knowledge.

Personal Computers

If you are using your personal computer then please consider the tips below.

Installing the latest computer operating system and software updates keep your devices running smoothly and securely. Instructions for updating various operating systems and software applications can be found below.


Sign in to the Zoom application. Click your profile picture in the top right corner of the Zoom application then click Check for Updates. If there is a newer version, Zoom will download and install it.


On a PC: Click on the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon (the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the window), choose Help>>About Google Chrome. Chrome will automatically install updates.  

On a Mac: Click on the About Google Chrome in the drop-down menu under Chrome on the toolbar (at the top left of your screen next to the Apple), to search for updates.

Updating Windows 10/11

Click on the Windows Start button in the taskbar, choose Settings>>Update & Security>>Windows Update and then select Check for Updates. If updates are available, they will appear on the Windows Update page. To install them, select Download and Install Now.

Updating Mac OS

Click on the Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, choose About This Mac from the drop-down menu, and then click the Software Update button in the pop-up window. In the ‘Software Update’ window, click the Update Now button to install the available updates.   

Microsoft Office 2016/2019 on a PC

Open Microsoft Word, click on the File menu and select Account. An Office Updates button will appear if updates are available.

Microsoft Office on a Mac

Open Microsoft Word and select Help>>Check for Updates. Older versions may not automatically update.