Connect to the University Network On-Campus

IT provides and supports three University on-campus network options, both wireless and wired, for access to University’s business systems and services and the Internet.

Ethernet (Wired)

GU-Q IT provides Ethernet or wired networking in all offices and many other public and multi-use spaces in the GU-Q Building. Please note, for security reasons not all network data points in the offices or other spaces are active.

If you would like to have a spare network point activated in your office, please register a new request by emailing IT User Support at

When requesting activation, please provide the business justification for the request and the network data point number.

Eduroam (Wireless)

Eduroam (educational roaming), is a secure, wireless internet service available at the GU-Q and many other participating institutions worldwide.

The GU-Q Staff, faculty and students can use this wireless network across the GU-Q campus and at any institution that participates in the eduroam service. Once your wireless device is setup for use at the GU-Q, it will work at any eduroam location. Further information about eduroam can be found at

GUQ-Guest (Wireless)

GUQ-Guest wireless network provides complimentary Internet access to University guests/visitors who require quick access to the Internet. If you are visiting GU-Q from an institution that supports eduroam wireless network then your device should automatically connect to eduroam, for more information on eduroam, please see the Eduroam webpage.

Connect to the University Network Off-Campus (Cisco AnyConnect)

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) facilitates secure remote access connection by providing access to the University campus network which would otherwise be shielded by our firewall. With an active VPN connection you can access networked data repositories that would normally be inaccessible, e.g. departmental and personal drives.