IT Strategy

IT Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025


IT services are amongst the most visible and it is impossible to deliver any of the five Georgetown University in Qatar’s (GU-Q) strategic objectives of ‘academic excellence, research, multiversity collaboration, national and international engagement and infrastructure enablers’, without using some aspect of information technology (IT) where teaching and learning, student recruitment and experience and research of GU-Q are increasingly dependent on IT in some form or another.

IT is a vital part of all GU-Q activities and is fundamental to deliver on its vision of becoming the recognised place as the leading academic institution for international affairs in the Middle East.

The IT strategy provides an overall framework and vision for IT for the next 5 years, to build a comprehensive and robust capability for the long-term management of information systems and technology in close alignment with the institutional priorities. In addition, GU-Q IT strategy aligns with the University Information Services (UIS) department in performing its functions taking into account some exceptions due to GU-Q’s environment and Qatar Foundation priorities.


As business enablers, we facilitate high-quality teaching, learning and research for the community, through reliable, effective, secure, accessible and scalable IT solutions.


Georgetown University in Qatar’s trusted technology partner helping our community excel.

  • We support the university’s mission
  • We provide cyber security and safety
  • We partner with you to find the right solutions


Accountable and open
Taking ownership of our work, seeking constructive feedback and promptly taking corrective actions. Be open and clear about policies and procedures and ensuring that information and any advice provided is accurate and complete.

Customer focused
Resolving issues in a timely manner with empathy and openness. Listening to our community’s ideas and suggestions to help improve and deliver customer focused IT services and reflect the user experience in everything we do.

Working collectively with our colleagues to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Delivering the best possible outcome, caring about the results and maintaining high standards.

Integrity and respect
Acting with honesty and fairness to foster a culture of trust and valuing diversity and treating others with civility and professionalism in all interactions.

Core Imperatives

The GU-Q’s strategic objectives present significant opportunity for IT to play an important supporting role and IT’s ‘Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025’ sets out commitments, underpinned by three core imperatives:

  1. Supporting Teaching, Learning, Research and the Student Experience
  2. Providing Secure and Robust IT Infrastructure
  3. Maximising Efficiency and Effectiveness of IT Services and Project Delivery

These imperatives provide the framework for IT’s strategic priorities for the next five years, aiming to instigate a customer focused approach and deliver service excellence.

IT Strategy 2021 – 2025 (PDF Version)