Mapping a Drive (Windows)

To connect to a shared drive, your computer needs to be in the Georgetown Network (wired or Wi-Fi Eduroam). If you are not at the Campus, please first connect to GUQ-Off-Campus VPN. Now please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Windows explorer, mark This PC, click on Computer
Image highlighting the way to Open the Windows explorer and mark This PC, click on Computer

2. Now choose the option Map Network drive:

Image highlighting the Map Network Drive option in Windows Explorer

3. The following window will open. Choose the drive letter, add the folder you want to connect to using the format \\\drivename$, at last, but not least, remember to check the option “Reconnect at sign-in”.

Image highlighting the options to map the network folder

Click on the Finish button. The drive you mapped will show in your Windows Explorer.

Image showing the final mapped network drive in Windows Explorer