Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is Georgetown’s Web-based phone system for faculty and staff and is part of the Zoom platform. With Zoom Phone, you can make calls on your desktop or laptop computer, iOS or Android mobile device, or approved traditional desktop phones.

Please note, this does not affect the Cisco telephone service as it will remain the primary telephone service for the GU-Q faculty and staff. Zoom Phone cannot be used for making or receiving external calls from Qatari or US numbers. 

You will be able to use Zoom Phone through the Georgetown Zoom application on your smartphone and software on your computer, to call colleagues at the main campus and GU-Q by simply searching their name in the Zoom application. This provides an additional means for getting in touch with colleagues.

Use Zoom Phone

To make and receive calls from GU-Q or main campus colleagues through the Georgetown Zoom application, simply log into the Georgetown Zoom account, and make and receive calls